Briana Michaels returns with her sophomore effort, a follow up to Shatter and deftly swerves past the dreaded curse usually associated with such follow-ups. Briana ups the stakes in many ways in this next chapter and does a well crafted pivot from the main characters of the first book to characters who were considered more ancillary in that offering. A move usually used by more veteran writers, Briana pulls it off with all the panache one would expect from a more seasoned writer and not one on just their second novel. More importantly, the young author has found her “voice” with this offering which makes the book harder and harder to put down the deeper you go in. The world building didn’t just expand, it explodes. In a review of Shatter, I noted similarities to Kim Harrison, I can now add Jim Butcher to that list as well. Not just in world building, but also in building tension towards the climax, and then continuing to ratchet it up even after that point has passed. Butcher is a master at this, and the similarities cannot be ignored. Book two of Sins of the Sidhe, by it’s name sake, outshines book one in almost every way and illuminates a bright future for it’s author and her growing dedicated legion of readers… – Mike


If you have put this on your to read list you are missing out on an exciting adventure! This genre is a combination of DG’s Outlander and Karen Moning’s Fever series, I haven’t read anything this good since I read them. Briana had all of the elements that I love to read about, Scotland, Highlanders, Druids, swordplay, Sidhe and all the faery folk, last but not least sizzling romance! I give it a HOT! HOTTER! HOTTEST!! rating, definately NOT recommended for YA. This was a page-turner, can’t put it down read. So much so I am already reading SHINE, book 2, and so far it does not disappiont! Love this new author, singing her praises everywhere. What are you waiting for ??? – Sylvie


I absolutely adored the strong female lead, Rowan. Funny and passionate, she holds her own in a supernatural shitstorm with fae, druids and demons. The plot kept me guessing and the romance was sizzling! The book is self-contained, so you don’t have to buy the next one to find out what happens to the characters next, but with engaging secondary characters and story arcs, you’ll want to!! – Nicole


Briana Michaels weaves a new world layered over our own which ties together magic and romance in a tight knit bond. A joy to read which moves at just the right pace and leaves you feeling good at the end. Memorable and relatable characters are introduced that you actually care about. A fine entry into the genre with contemparies such as Kim Harrison. Looking forward to seeing how this budding young author grows into her own voice and while building upon the foundation set forth in this first tome. – Mike


WOW! I was very surprised by this book. This has a very different perspective on the Fae and Druids and the like. I will defiantly be telling people about this book. It was well written and kept you wanting to turn the page. – Mary


Fascinating story! – Magic and men with muscles are a great combination. This book was as good as the first in the series. I usually read mystery/ thrillers but his was an excellent change up. – MH


I wasn’t exactly sure if the book I was reading was the same book that I read about in its description, because it was so much more. Our heroine, Rowan, has special supernatural abilities. As a teenager, she thought she was losing her gift, so in desperation she performed an action that accidentally set forth a dark evil into the world. Year later, people have come to her looking for her help in setting things right. And that’s about all I’m going to say about the plot, because you have to read the book. It was basically everything I wanted in a great read: fae, mystery, darkness, romance (of the very hot and steamy variety), relationship struggles, humor, frustration. I couldn’t put the book down, I needed to know what was going to happen, while having thoughts like “damn it, no!”, “please don’t let this really be happening”, and “awwww…”. There were so many surprises; just when you thought your brain could handle it – no! The author throws in a twist that makes you internally (or maybe externally) scream with frustration, because the story is just so good. My feelings about Shatter are much more eloquent when I’m thinking it, but my review is kind of a jumbled mess because my brain is fried in trying to process and re-process this awesome book. A must read book and series!


What can I say about this. It is perfect! I was hooked on this series from book one. Briana is amazing in her work on these books. For any who have not read them, please you have no idea what your missing! Her work is smooth, flowing from one character to the next and keeps you wanting to turn that page! It is such a treat to read books so well done and with heart for a change. I love her! – Mary


I was looking for a promising book by an author I haven’t read before when I’ve received Shatter.
A great book blending together themes from paranormal fiction.
The history is intriguing, the characters are well-developed and in general the novel is very well written with a good plot.
Briana Michaels wrote a great book which I have enjoyed and I’m sure others would as well. – Lorella


I loved it! It was sexy, a bit scary, and exciting. Total page turner. Can’t wait for the next book! – Jess


If you would like to step out of your daily life for a short time—read this book. It takes you to another place, but yet in this time. Make sense? This is my friends first book and it’s awesome. So proud of her. – RH


I bought the book on my kindle this morning. Only had time to read the first chapter before leaving, I almost called off work so I could sit and read! – Heather


This book was simply amazing! It brought out every emotion (love, lust, fear, victory and defeat)! The characters are beyond interesting and the story had me hooked from Chapter 1! You won’t be able to put it down – forget dinner ladies! – Gail


Great read! Super fun and super sexy! – Beth


I couldn’t wait to find out how it would end, yet, I didn’t want it to be over because my little make-believe world would be over. -Kathy


Great book! Steamy and full of adventure. The characters are easy to relate to and I would love to be friends with them. If you enjoy fantasy and the fae, then this book is for you. Can’t wait to read more in this series! – Michelle


I purchased this book because it was recommended to me by a fan of the JR Ward Series Black Dagger Brotherhood. I enjoy the combination those books over of romance and fantasy while maintaining a solid plot that will be carried out through a series of books.
Shatter was everything I had hoped it would be, and so much more. This writer has a young, fresh voice, who’s spirit you can all but see jumping off the pages. Her story offers readers a contemporary feel, with a twist in lands beyond the here and now. I also absolutely loved how her story lines looped back around and connected. I cannot wait to read the next book of the series, and see what all she does with it.
– Jenn


Absolute page turner! I could not put this book down. I can not wait until book 2 is released! – Myah


I was told to read Shatter by a friend. It did not disappoint! It has comedy, love, fighting, demons and a steamy romance. I want more!  – TJ


Not usually much for magic, fantasy types, but I really liked this book. Lots of steamy romance. I hope the other books are available. – G


Another amazing novel by this author. I’m thoroughly intrigued by this world of the fae. This series draws you in and takes you on one hell of a ride. There is so much intensity in this second installment, I’m not sure if I liked Shatter or Shine better!
Adam’s story was not what I expected and I LOVED it. I hate it when a book is too predictable. The Sins of the Sidhe do not disappoint. The story is constantly changing and evolving, with twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat. Adam and Brinley are made for each other. So happy they got their chance, although I was sweating it out for a minute.
One of the great aspects of this series is the inclusion of so many interesting side characters. Each one is fully developed, and full of depth. I found myself caring about each of them, no matter how minor their contribution. I have to admit, I’ve never found the fae world, characters, abilities, and traits more fascinating. The fae are portrayed with their strengths and weaknesses, with feelings and desires as real as our own. Well done.
I am really starting to get invested in these characters. I love the shift in POV and the sexy steamy scenes are well written. Fantastic story line, especially the Seelie Court. I’m intrigued with the fate of the fae, the corrupt king, and the inevitable confrontation between the main characters and the epic battle that is sure to come soon. – Nikki


Excellent Read!! There’s a twist at every turn. Ladies, be ready! – Amy


Fantastic book! Cant wait for the second one to come out! – Sarah

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