Storm of Stars Duet

What you’ll find in this story:
-Multi POVs
– Spicy times with no MM
-Jealous/Possessive/Obsessive men
-Baddie heroine who is a virgin
-Dragons and monsters
-Found family
-Fated mates
-Emotional chaos and plot twists galore
-Death and torture
-Fancy peens
-Slow burn with tons of tension

Storm of Stars: DESCENSION

Entering the Wasteland is a death sentence.

The rules?

1. Your first step into the Wasteland is your last.

2. Don’t die.

3. Leave no teammate behind.

Nyx has been a prisoner in the Wasteland for as long as she can remember, her cellmates the only family she’s ever known. Favored by the warden, she and her crew hunt the realm’s most dangerous monsters for the chance to shorten their sentences.

Everything in this realm is lethal, including the air they breathe and the targets they chase. But what terrifies Nyx most is being separated from her team, which is exactly what will happen if they aren’t careful.

Survival is a game of risk, and Nyx’s crew takes the biggest one of all when they enlist a stranger to aid in their most dangerous hunt to date. He’s crafty, sexy, skilled, and definitely lying about his intentions.

Yet Nyx can’t resist him, no matter how hard she tries, and her team doesn’t like it.

A bargain is struck, a mission goes wrong, and in an act of rebellion, Nyx dives head-first into a prophecy that will destroy the entire world if it isn’t stopped. It’s not just her life on the line anymore, but every creature who draws breath in this universe.

When it comes to saving what she loves most, no sacrifice is too great.

Or is it?

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Storm of Stars: ASCENSION

Their past isn’t back to haunt them. It’s back to hunt them.

Betrayal cuts bone deep as Nyx and her team face the battle of their lives.

When they can no longer tell friend from foe, they lean on each other more than ever. Bonds are forged and battles are waged as the Storm of Stars draws closer.

Just when they’re discovering answers to their past and decoding the ancient prophecy, the universe shakes things up again. Trust is broken, friends become enemies, and all seems lost.

Nyx and her team have never backed down from a fight, and they damn sure aren’t going to start now.

If certain death is all they have left, they’ll meet it together.

Surrounded by enemies, cursed, and blindsided at every turn, Nyx and her crew are determined to do whatever it takes – including giving the Storm of Stars the sacrifice it demands.

Who will it be, and is it be enough to save the universe from ultimate destruction?

This dark fantasy is a why choose romance with found family, high tension, spice, and angst.

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