Next Level Series

Spicy Contemporary Romance

I’m obsessed with a woman I’ve never met. Hell, I’ve never even seen a picture of her, unless you count the cartoon avatar she displays during our online gaming nights. To Ara, I’m a quiet gamer who keeps a chat open in case she wants to vent about her day or her loser boyfriend. She has no clue who I am, what I look like, or that she’s the star in the filthy audio recordings I create for my personal pleasure.

When we finally meet face-to-face, I already know Ara’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a woman and there’s nothing I won’t do to have her. To keep her. To satisfy her. I just hope she can handle my intensity because I’m not going to hold back.

And no one else better stand in my way.

Glitch rules my thoughts and plays a recurring role in my dirtiest fantasies. When we finally meet, he’s nothing like I expected. He’s better. My mind short-circuits the instant he touches me. And when he says my name in his incredibly deep voice? Panty. Meltdown.

After my last relationship, I’ve been shy about starting something new. But Glitch makes me want to take this leap and there’s no denying how badly I want him. There’s just one itsy bitsy problem: my carnal appetite is insatiable.

Will Glitch be able to keep up or will he shut me down once he learns what I like and how often I like it?

Glitch is a super high spicy contemporary romance with all the BDE, praise, and very little angst. BUY ON AMAZON HERE.

I’m in love with my best friend’s sister. Sometimes she lets me play, but she never lets me get close. Keeping my feelings locked down during our secret trysts is taking a toll on my heart and I’m tired of waiting for the next stolen moment. I’m done playing this dirty little game. I want Erin. She’s mine and there’s nothing I won’t do to prove it.

She’s not my for-now.
She’s my forever.

If I have to take the reins to convince her, so be it. I’ll show Erin what it’s like to submit to the master of her heart.

I’m a single mom who doesn’t have time for love. Hell, I don’t even have time to get my laundry done. I’m chaos in a carefully corked bottle, and I’ve put myself on a shelf for years. But when Trey is around, he pops my top in deliciously wicked ways.

Too bad a real relationship will never work. He’s going places and I’m stuck in an everlasting spin cycle.
When Trey comes to town for my brother’s wedding, he flips my world upside down.

If this doesn’t work out, it’ll crush more than my heart. He’s not just my brother’s best friend, he’s someone my son looks up to. I need to keep the control, or this could all blow up in my face.

But Trey keeps taking charge…
And I like it.

Flip is low angst, high spice with a degradation kink. BUY ON AMAZON HERE.

When Mak hired me as her boudoir photographer, I bet she never thought I’d also become her Primal Dom. The moment I saw her, my wild side wanted to play. She’s fun to chase and even more fun to catch. But I have carefully constructed rules in place for anyone who climbs into my bed, and I’m breaking too many of them for her.

That’s dangerous, considering this is only a fling.

Now I’m in over my head, and the more we’re together, the more we click, and I find myself willing to do whatever it takes to keep her.

Including breaking my last rule.

Give me a big, growly, man and watch me swoon. Carson delivers my fantasies, one after another, and exceeds all my expectations. The only problem? His walls are always up, and I have no clue how to crack his code.

Good thing I love a challenge.

He’ll soon learn that I don’t back down from getting what I want, and what I want most is him.

Let the chase begin…

Click is a standalone contemporary romance with high spice, low angst and primal kink. BUY ON AMAZON HERE.

I’ve never stayed anywhere too long, and always kept my heart in a cage.

Until I met Cole.

I shared everything with him—my history, my body, and secretly my heart. But we weren’t meant to last. He had dreams of becoming a world-famous architect, and I had to work through my damaging past.

So I gave us both what we needed: A chance.

Dropping back into Cole’s life after five years of no contact might bite me in the ass, but I can’t stay away a minute longer. Our reunion quickly turns into an inferno of passion, but I have a confession to make. One that might destroy everything.

I’ve built the perfect life, but it’s still missing one thing: Haley.

Five years ago, she drove away, taking my heart with her, and I’ve never fully recovered. Now she’s back, and the feelings I’ve buried roar to life all over again, because there is one unshakeable truth.

Haley is mine.

She says she’s back for good and wants a future with me. So why does it feel like she’s going to run again?

Stay is high spice, low angst, with a Daddy Dom and mask kink. BUY ON AMAZON HERE.

Every move I make is scrutinized by my competitors and insufferable family. As the rebel in my social circle, I’m finally cutting the puppet strings of everyone who’s tried to control me. It’s time to let the real Mason Finch come out to play, and Leah has just entered my game.

She’s my house cleaner. My fascination. My biggest risk.

I play to win. She plays for fun. The stakes are sky-high, and I’ll do anything to make her mine. No matter the cost.

When Mason slides into my life, our fun fling turns into a wild romance that’s straight out of a spicy novel. If the media finds out he’s dating his maid, who also happens to be a popular camgirl, both our careers will be in jeopardy. But we can’t keep away from each other and the thrill of getting caught or being watched is addictive.

Is what we have worth the risk, or should I break things off before it blows up in our faces?

Screw it. I’m going all in. Here’s hoping I can protect us both from the backlash.

High spice, only a teeny tiny bit of angst, and funsies with exhibitionism and voyeurism. This is my version of a camgirl meets a Mr. Darcy. BUY ON AMAZON HERE.