Passion – Sins of the Sidhe, Book 3

His body has become his new prison…

Wrath pumps in Ruark’s veins, demanding release. And the terrors of his past haunt him as much as the beast that resides within, causing the Druid to struggle to find a sliver of peace or mercy. Hopeless, Ruark prefers the dark, quiet confines of his room and will scare off anyone who dares to come close to him. It’s not for his safety, it’s for theirs.

Ever-fearless, Ashlyn refuses to allow the once notorious Druid to fade into the darkness of his mind. Once Ashlyn sees her chance, she takes it and tries to show Ruark that he isn’t the monster he fears himself to be… but that doesn’t mean the beast inside him agrees.

Will love be enough to save Ruark from an existence of rage and pain, or is he doomed to forever be the destructive monster he fears will threaten the existence of everyone around him?

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