Shine – Sins of the Sidhe, Book 2

Sometimes decisions aren’t just bad, they’re downright deadly…

Brinley is being kept in the dark by not only her best friend, but Adam too. Not one to back down from a challenge, she wants to know the truth, but at what cost? In one night, Brinley’s life is changed forever – too bad she may never remember it…

In an act of love, Adam, the oldest Sidhe in all the worlds, suffers the crushing reality of his past, which is not just haunting him, it’s following him ceaselessly. A jealous princess is waiting for her champion to come home and when Adam doesn’t show, his presence is not demanded, it’s crucial, in order to save the only woman who matters to him.

Love does not conquer all in the Faelands and Adam is not the one who pays the highest price for his decisions. Is the world ready for what’s in store? One can only hope, because ready or not, Adam’s fate is sealed, Brinley’s is in jeopardy, and the world will never be the same once this is over.

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