Exile – Sins of the Sidhe, Book 8

Furious, feisty, and out for blood…
Armed with a kill list and survivor’s guilt, Holly is convinced the only way she can move on with her life is by first avenging her brother, Hawthorne. Living in the human realm offers her everything she’s longed for, but guilt keeps her locked in a cage. The only time she tastes freedom is when she’s on the Mountain, training with the Demons. After being paired with Zane, Holly must face her greatest challenge: To Live. Can she let go of her past to embrace her future, or will the desire for revenge be too great to turn away from?

Bound by duty, tied by fate…
Zane left the Underworld a long time ago and has no interest in ever returning. When his past comes back to drag him under again, Zane’s not prepared. Not for his father’s wrath, his mother’s cruel silence, or his brother’s back-stabbing games. As if his life isn’t already complicated, he discovers his fated soulmate, who definitely won’t like being tied to him for all eternity. Will Zane be forced to walk away from Holly, like he had to walk away from his kingdom?

When their world explodes and opportunities they’ve dreamed of are there for the taking, Zane and Holly have a decision to make: Embrace or Deny. The choice must be made swiftly, destiny waits for no one.

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