Contemporary Romance Novellas

All Panned Out – A Peter Pan Retelling Novella


In order to chase my dream of being a stuntman, I first destroy what matters most to me—my friendship with Faye. Seven years ago, I kissed her and never looked back. Now I’ve returned home, desperate to make things right.

The problem? She hates me.

The bigger problem? I love her.

The biggest problem? I have three days to fix this before I leave town again.

Actions speak louder than words, and the instant we see each other, sparks fly and swiftly turn into an inferno. Three days with her isn’t enough. Three lifetimes with her wouldn’t be enough.

I need Faye in my life, and if that means giving up everything I’ve worked so hard for, so be it.

A kiss is a powerful thing, and I want Peter to pucker up and kiss my ass. Then I want him to grovel.

I’ve pined over that man longer than I’ll ever admit. Now he’s back and though I want to throat-punch him, I also can’t deny myself the warmth of his touch or the burn of our passion. He thought a kiss ruined us before? Well, I’m about to destroy a lifetime of being best friends by going as far as I can with him now.

I’ll be damned if he’s going to leave town again without my name burned into his soul.

My plan is all panned out, and I’m ready to make him fall to his knees…

I just never imagined I’d also fall to mine.

**All Panned Out is a contemporary flirty, dirty Peter Pan retelling novella that will have you smiling straight on till morning.