Tanner’s Death Day Celebration

ALRIGHTY! You asked for a steamy (not in the books) scene with Tanner and Sara so here it is…. ENJOY!

***Contains Spoilers! If you have not read the first trilogy (Restless Spirit, The Dark Truth, and The Devil’s Darling, you are entering at your own risk.***

Copyright Feb 2019  Briana Michaels

Vicious and Delicious, that’s what Tanner’s shirt said. It was a Death Day present from Sara and he fucking loved it.

“Where you at, Beautiful?” Tanner peered into the kitchen and then looked out the back door. Where the hell did she go?

The entire house smelled like Sara – sex and candy filled his nose and it was impossible to follow a scent trail.

Stuffing the slender gift box into his back pocket, he went to search for her in the basement next. She wasn’t there so he went back up into the kitchen and out to the living room.

Okay, seriously, this farm house was so small, it should be impossible to lose someone in it.

“We’re going to be late!” It was Tanner’s Death Day and he and Sara were going clubbing for the night. Tanner bounded up the steps and checked Jack’s room first. No one. Then Kalen’s. Nope. Nada.

The. Fuck?

He was about to go into the next bedroom when Kalen stepped out into the hallway, from Tanner’s room.

Okayyyyy. “The fuck is going on? Where’s Beautiful?”

Kalen shrugged.

Something was up. “What were you doing in my room, Wolf?”

“Replacing the headboard you and Sara broke last week.”

Tanner’s famous smile went ten kinds of huge on his face. Breaking that headboard had been so fucking fun.

“Happy Death Day, Hound.” Kalen slid past him and marched down the hall again.

Tanner almost followed him, but he went into his bedroom to see the headboard instead. The second he entered his bedroom, Tanner’s entire body hardened and a groan slid up his throat.

“Happy Death Day, Sunshine Boy.” Sara stood at the window in a red strappy little—

“What is that?”

“Licorice,” she purred. “You always say I smell like sex and candy. Eli figured he could make something edible for you.”

Long red strings of licorice were weaved and spun around her body. Sara looked so fucking delicious Tanner was shocked drool wasn’t dripping out of his mouth. “Eli did that?”

“Sure did,” She spun around slowly to give him a 360 view of his Death Day gift from that awesome Hound. “How do you like your shirt?”

“I fucking love it.” Tanner stretched his new shirt down so it was tight across his chest and showed off his pecs. Both of his nipple rings protruded through the fabric a little bit. “Do you like it?”

“I love it.” Sara licked her lips, “Very accurate for you, Hound.”

Tanner grinned again. “Suits you more than me right now.” Cause she was absolutely Vicious and Delicious tied with candy strings.

Sara waved off his compliment. “I think Kalen wins for the best gift this time.”

Tanner looked over at his new headboard. “Oh my fucking god.”

Kalen had outdone himself. The carving in the solid oak was of a vicious animal that looked like a cross between a wolf and a Satanic beast, his profile showed off large teeth and a threatening glare. It was snarling at a woman who looked exactly like Sara. The woman in the carving held a blade in her teeth and was snarling right back at the Hound. Between them were the words:

Fight Hard

Live Wild

Love Fierce

Sara patted the mattress, “Hop up, Hound. Let’s give this new baby a test run.”

No need to ask him twice. Tanner’s gaze flicked to the red bows on either side of the carved headboard.

“Holy shit,” he bent over to pull on two huge eyehooks. Looping his fingers in one of them, he gave it a good tug. They were solid. “This is insane.” His heart felt so full right now it was hard to communicate. He grabbed Sara and yanked her onto the bed with him then he kissed the hell out of her.

Running his hands down her back and gripping her ass, his fingers snagged her red licorice and ripped it. She smelled like strawberries and cherries and pack and his mind went wild with it.

Fuck clubbing. They were staying home.

Sara nipped his neck hard enough to almost break the skin. Tanner’s eyes squeezed shut, his breath punching out of him. “You really should be in your Death Day suit, Hound.”


Tanner tugged his new t-shirt off first and then shimmied out of his jeans. He hadn’t put on his boots yet, thank fuck. The Hound was naked and ready to howl in record time. Sara straddled him, her tits jiggling in his face as she reached up to tie his arms to the new headboard. The sound of metal clinking sent his head spinning.

She’d pulled out their sin bin and grabbed all his favorite toys – including the chains. FUCK YES!

Sliding the chains through the two eyehooks on either side of the headboard and clipping them to his favorite set of leather cuffs, Tanner was locked in tight and ready to ride.


“Hop on, Beautiful.” He bit down on her licorice belt and ripped it clean off. “I’m eating every inch of you tonight.” He chewed the licorice with another infamous smile.


He was still chewing on the candy when she sailed down and started licking the tip of his pierced dick. Tanner’s toes curled. The chains rattled when he tried to pull his arms free. He wanted so bad to thread his fingers through her hair right now but it was a no go. He was too tied up.

Happy Death Day to him.

Sara bit down hard enough to make him hiss. Tanner’s hips rolled up and he pushed further down her throat. His head slammed against the mattress and he could no longer breathe, especially since she just added the spiked pinwheel to the party. Sara rolled it across his abs and down his right thigh applying enough pressure to electrify every atom in his body. He looked down and saw some of the spikes had pierced his skin a little. Fuck. Yes.

More please.

Sara started sucking him off again and Tanner groaned. His Beautiful knew just how to get him riled up. The chains rattled again when Sara reached down on the side of the bed and grabbed the –


Tanner nodded, too turned on to speak. She started dripping hot wax down his chest in a long line. Every drip sent him closer to the edge of ecstasy. When she got to his dick, she carefully dripped the hot wax onto his balls and Tanner barked, his body tensing and the chains rattled again. Now he was trying to tug free for real. He wanted to touch her.

NEEDED to touch her.

“Sara,” his deep voice was almost inhuman. “Untie me.”

“Nope,” she scratched him, issuing anther groan from his wide-open mouth. Then Sara snagged another hunk of her string outfit and started sucking on it in front of him. Tanner stared at her with a heated glare.

She arched her eyebrow, “You want some?” she twirled her tongue around the licorice.

He bit his lip and nodded again.

She dangled the licorice string between her front teeth and tickled his abs with it while slowly crawling up his body. Tanner snagged the candy from her mouth with a vicious jerk and spat it onto the floor. He wanted something far sweeter right now. “Ride my face.”

“I thought you wanted candy?”

“You are my candy, Beautiful. Get up here and give me a sugar rush.”

She complied and he feasted and hated that he couldn’t use his hands to add more fun to this moment. That’s okay though. Tanner’s tongue worked just fine all by itself. Sara shoved her hand through this blond faux hawk and showed no mercy to his mouth. Just the way he liked it.

She came hard and when she howled, Tanner almost blew his load too. Just when he was about to kick it up another notch, she pulled away from him.

“Get back here, Beautiful.” Sara was so sexed up and glorious, he smiled big time. Fuck he loved that he could make her feel so good. “I’m so not done with you yet.”

“Mmmmm. I almost forgot,” Sara reached down and pulled out a little container that was the size of a coin. She unscrewed the lid and rubbed whatever the hell it was all over her luscious lips before rubbing the rest onto Tanner’s dick.

“What is that?”

“Your Death Day gift from our Voodoo Man.”

Ohhhhh fuuuuuck.

Jack was known for his tricks in the bedroom and if this was one of them, Tanner would need to hold on tight. Sara straddled Tanner again, positioning her sweet wet self exactly where he wanted her. As she leaned down to kiss him, she reached between their bodies and grabbed his cock, then slid herself down until his was buried all the way inside her.

Tanner’s head thrashed back with a load roar.

Every molecule he owned exploded. Sara started riding him and he yanked on the chains hard enough to snap those leather motherfucking cuffs clean off his wrists.

Gripping her hips, Tanner rocked her back and forth on top of him and they both cried out. He loved that she was so open to this stuff. Loved that she gave him exactly what he craved. Loved that he could fuck her every way he wanted to and she always wanted more of it.

Tanner rolled over and got Sara onto her back, then he turned into a beast. Kissing, sucking, fucking, Tanner couldn’t stop. The sensations became so overwhelming, his vision blasted into a cosmic lightshow.

Clawing his back to ribbons was the exact thing he needed now. “Dig into my back. Mark me up.”

Sara dragged her nails down his back without hesitation. “Ohhhh fuck yeah. Harder. Harder.”

When he had enough to tip him over to the next stage of bliss, Tanner grabbed her legs and flung them over his shoulders, then he scooped her ass up and angled her just right to hit the deepest pleasure points she had. He fucked her full throttle.

This level of pain and pleasure was hard to balance, but Tanner was king at this. He knew what his limits were and knew what Sara liked. Reading her body, smelling her scent, he could take her all the way to the edge and play with her senses just long enough to build up the pressure. So that’s just what he did. Sara started panting, clawing, screaming and gripping his bed sheets.

“Eyes on me, Beautiful.” One, two, three strokes later, she detonated. Seeing the effect he had on her was the best part of his day. Tanner’s pace slowed down and his swirled his hips up and to the side with each thrust.

“Oh God,” her hands flew up and she grabbed the chains, bracing herself for the next one. Tanner started to pick up speed. Tanner held out for as long as he could. But when she came again and her body clamped down on his cock, it was over. The two of them blew apart and scattered out into the universe together as he spilled inside her.

The walls shook with his howl. Sara let go of the chains, wrapped her arms around his neck, leaned up and bit down on his neck.


Tanner’s orgasm raised to a new level. He pulled out, gripped his cock and started stroking. More and more pleasure spilled out of him. Sara quickly wiggled free and wrapped those sweet pink lips of hers around his dick eager to suck him dry. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and thrust into her mouth over and over, scared to death that there would be no end to this and also praying it would stay endless.

By the time the orgasm subsided, he felt like he was floating. Sara licked his head and smiled with her rosy cheeks and smeared lipstick and she couldn’t have been more perfect if she tried.

Jesus his heart was pounding fast. Was he going to stroke out?

He couldn’t catch his breath at all. Pulling away from his Beautiful, Tanner couldn’t even stay upright. Falling back on to the bed, he tried to catch his breath and realign his vision. Motherfucker was seeing double in a technicolor right now.

“What…” panting, “the fuck,” more panting, “was in that balm Jack gave you?”

“No idea,” Sara giggled, “he just said to tell you you’re welcome.”

Tanner laughed. Scooping Sara into his arms, he cuddled her just as hard as he’d fucked her.

“Your heart’s beating so fast,” she laughed.

“That’s because it’s beating for you.” He kissed her neck. “Shit, I can’t catch my breath. That was insane.”

“Happy Death Day, Sunshine Boy.”

Oh shit, that reminded him! Tanner leaned down and grabbed his jeans. Rummaging through his pockets, he found the slender box and handed it over to her. “This is for you.”

Sara looked up at with a cute little crinkle between her eyes. “Why are you giving me a present on your special day?”

“Because you’re the reason my Death Day is so special,” his smile beamed like the rest of him right now. “Not everyone gets this lucky when they die, Beautiful. Open it.” Fuck, he hoped she liked it.

Sara opened the small black box and she squealed.

“You like?”

“Yes, I like! Help me get it on?”

No problem. Tanner fumbled a little with the clasp because he was still shaking from his last orgasm. That shit Jack gave her was no joke. He still felt like he was coming right now. The aftershocks were incredible.

“There.” He hooked the little handcuff bracelet around her wrist.

It felt like the most perfect thing to get her. Sara had always been there for him, no matter what. And if he needed something, she did it, gave it, got it, did anything he needed her to because she loved him that much. It went both ways, too.

“You’re my partner in crime, Beautiful.”

“And you’re my Hound forever,” Sara kissed him with all her passion and he felt it bone deep. When she reached down and stroked his length again, Tanner smiled against her mouth and nipped her bottom lip. Just as he was about to ask for her to bust out that wax again, Sara yelled, “HOUNDS!”

What the—

The bedroom door swung open and the rest of the pack came in all looking mighty pleased with themselves. Tanner wanted to bark for them to come back later, but when Sara sailed down his body and started sucking him off again, Tanner couldn’t do anything but grunt and groan.

The pack moved in and surrounded the bed. Tanner looked over at every single pack member before his gaze locked onto Eli. Kalen and Eli pinned Tanner’s arms down while Jack grabbed his ankles and kept him still. He heard the Voodoo Man say some kind of something but fuck if he knew what it was. His skin started heating up and again. Tanner’s balls tightened. His head started swimming. Ohhhhh fuuuuuck.

Sara picked up speed, adding teeth to this mind-bending blow job, and he knew he was close to exploding again. They all did.

“Eyes on me,” Eli barked.

Tanner’s gaze locked onto Eli. Tensing up, his body coiled and then blasted apart again. Tanner’s mouth dropped open and a howl ripped from his throat so ferociously, his entire body rocked with pleasure.

And that was just the beginning of Tanner’s Death Day celebration. Goddamn it was good to be a Hell Hound.