Pumpkin Spice Pics

Okay, so I wrote this the other day just for fun. It’s a little bite out of Hell Hound Pack life for ya. Only for shits and giggles… 😂😜And it would have taken place BEFORE book 1, Restless Spirit. **IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE FIRST TRILOGY OF THE HELL HOUNDS HAREM, PROCEED WITH CAUTION! MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS**

Copyright 2019 Briana Michaels

“What the bloody hell are you doing, Tanner?” Jack stopped in his tracks, about thirty feet away from Sunshine Boy holding a pumpkin.
Only a pumpkin.

And it was too fucking small of a pumpkin for where it was positioned.

“I’m making a Halloween countdown calendar for Beautiful.” Tanner held the baseball sized pumpkin in front of his dick and smiled. The fucking Hell Hound was naked out in the backyard, sitting on a small pile of leaves, too.

Eli snapped the picture and said, “We gotta move faster. The sun is setting.”

“Hey,” Tanner snapped his fingers, “Jack, go grab me some glow sticks.”

Jack didn’t even want to think about where Tanner was going to stick those.

“They’re in the top drawer of my dresser, Voodoo Man.”

Jack headed in the house and ran into Kalen in the kitchen. “The pup is out there doing a fucking photo shoot.”

“Yeah, he had me in a couple already.”

Jack froze. “Et tu, Wolf?”

Kalen shrugged, “Sara loves that corny shit. Speaking of corny,” he cringed and reached into the front of his jeans, “I think I’ve still got a few candy corns in places they shouldn’t be.”

“Bloody Hell,” Jack shook his head and went upstairs to grab the fucking glow sticks. When he came back outside, he saw Tanner seductively dripping wax onto his abs. Oh for fuck’s sake, it was a Pumpkin Spice scented candle too. And oh, hey, what do ya know, Tanner had switched his nipple rings over to bars. One had a pair of fangs, the other had the words BOO dangling.

“Here,” Jack tossed him the glow sticks.

“Hey, get in this one with me.”

“No fucking way, Sunshine Boy.”

“Yes, fucking way. You’re the last one. Everyone else has done it with me.”

Jack scowled. Then he caved. “What do you want me to do?”

“Strip outta that shirt and hold these over your nipples,” Tanner picked up two of the smallest pumpkins to ever exist and handed them over.

Jack arched an eyebrow and clenched his jaw as he took the damned things. “This is ridiculous.”

“She’ll love it. That’s all that matters,” Tanner winked, and grabbed two bigger pumpkins from the pile. Then, still completely naked, Tanner stood next to Jack and turned around so his back faced the Eli, the photographer. Tanner held the pumpkins up to his ass and winked playfully at the camera, “Say Cheese, Motherfucker.”

“Cheese Motherfucker.”

Eli bit his bottom lip to keep from laughing and snapped the shot of the two of them.

“What the hell is that scent on you, Tanner?” Jack leaned over, his nostrils flaring as he inhaled the fragrance rising off of Tanner’s pecs.

“Eli’s homemade pumpkin spice. You like? I did a shot with a hot steamy mug and I sprinkled that stuff everywhere. Plus… now the wax,” Tanner made a playful face and bit his pierced tongue with a dirty grin.

Jack closed his eyes and took in a couple deep breathes. Then he tried his fucking damnedest to not laugh. He lasted five seconds. “You’re so deranged. You know that, right?”

Tanner waggled his eyebrows and dropped his pumpkins to the ground. “Hey, some folks find that stuff fucking delicious and I’m gonna spice up everything this month.”

“You hate pumpkin spice,” Jack reminded him.

“Yeah, but Sara doesn’t. And the happier she is, the happier we all are. So, prepare for that shit to go on pancakes, coffee, your fucking dick, everywhere she wants for the next month.”

Eli changed lenses and walked around the blanket set up with a hay bale and some more pumpkins and skulls. “It’s just about dark enough to do the last shot, Sunshine Boy.”

“Okay, so we got the skulls, the broomsticks, pumpkin shots, candy corn, fog machine with the gravestone nudes, the horns, the witch hat, spice lattes, annnnnd melted wax abs. That just leaves the glow sticks and,” he cracked his biggest smile ever, “get the tripod. We’re all doing it.”

Jack wanted to object, badly, but Sara really was going to love this and he damned sure wanted to be part of it. “Hang on. Let me get one of old my top hats.”

“Ohhhh good one, Voodoo Man.”

Jack returned with not just his top hat, but Kalen, in tow.

“Guess I’ll grab my axe,” The Wolf grinned before running off to the barn.

Tanner beamed at Eli. “Go get one of your blades, Hound.”

They all returned within moments and stripped out of some of their clothes. Tanner worked to get them all in some kind of fucked up position that showed off a few of their best features, while hiding their big dicks (just to make Sara want them more) and he cracked the glow sticks and passed them around. They put them in their mouths and a couple other places to cause shadows and curves.

“Okay, Hounds,” Tanner’s deep voice was authoritative and gravelly, “Think sexy horror with a side of candy bars.”

“I have no bloody clue what the fuck that even means.”

Tanner rolled his eyes, “Look dangerous but playful.”

“So, make my regular face?” Jack teased.

Hey, he was dangerous and playful. Tipping his hat so it sat crooked on his head, Jack glared at the camera and flexed his muscles just enough to make promises he and Sara knew fully fucking well he would keep. The rest did something similar with their poses and Eli took about twenty pics with the remote.

Tanner was the first to roll out of position. “I think our work here is done, Hounds.”

“For the love of Lucifer, will you finally go put some clothes on now?” Kalen teased. “Why are you always naked?”

“Saves time,” Tanner howled, and, in the far distance of one of the upstairs bedrooms, Sara responded with a howl back. “She’s in my room, just where I told her to stay. See ya!” Tanner took off like the wind.

“Mother. Fucker.” Jack growled before stalking into the house with the rest of the pack right there with him. “Do we give him ten minutes alone with her, or storm in now?”

Kalen grinned like the Wolf he was and pulled a lighter out of his back pocket. “Let’s light the entire box of fucking pumpkin spice candles Tanner ordered and lure her down to us.”

They high-fived and Eli grabbed the camera again. “I’ll get the tripod ready. Set up shop in the living room, Hounds.”


********** I hope this made your day 🙂It sure made mine. ***********