Glitch and Ara Say I Do


Copyright 2022 Briana Michaels


My heart’s beating a mile a minute. Rubbing my palms together, I take on last glance at myself in the mirror to make sure I’m presentable and blow out a long breath. Today’s the day. I’m marrying my girl in…

Shit, ten minutes.

Leaving my old bedroom, it’s nostalgia overload as I bounce down the steps of my parent’s old house. Erin’s never made big changes to this place, and some of our old family photos still hang on the wall. I don’t look at them often, it hurts my heart too much, but I find myself stopping halfway down the steps to appreciate one of us at a beach in Florida. Me, Dad, and Erin smile triumphantly while Mom sticks her tongue out at the camera.

I’m seven in this photo, which makes Erin ten. Our mom never got in the ocean because she was terrified of what lurked beneath the waves. I was able to convince her to come out this one time by promising we’d hold her hand and not let go of her. What the hell I thought my scrawny ass was going to do to save her from a rogue wave or shark, who the fuck knows, but I distinctly remember the confidence I had that day when I promised I wouldn’t let go of her hand and would protect her.

She looked over at my dad, her eyebrow arching as if they had a silent conversation passed between them. Then she nodded and said, “Okay. Let’s do it.” Erin clapped her hands, jumping up and down, because this was seriously a first. “Come on, Mom!”

Mom squeezed our hands with a death grip as Erin and I lured her into the water, waist deep. My dad ran out to join us, crashing through the waves like lunatic, laughing. He kissed her hard and said how proud he was of her for doing this.

The smile she had on her face was priceless and powerful enough to sear into my memory.

She faced her fear, head on, with her family by her side, and ran straight into the ocean. We splashed and played and got her soaking wet. She even lost her sunglasses but couldn’t stop laughing and squealing. When we came back to our beach chairs, my dad took this picture of us. Mom later said she looked like a saturated gremlin in this pic and was embarrassed. In fact, she didn’t want to hang it up because of how terrible she thought she looked in it. But my dad hung it anyway because he said she was beautiful and courageous and lovely.

I agree.

Running my finger across the frame, my heart swells. Fuck, I miss them. Having the wedding here feels like a way to have them close so they’re still part of this special day, which helps. My parents would have loved Ara. She’s adventurous and silly and bright and beautiful.

And I’m about to take her hand and escort her out into the great big unknown future we’ll have together.

Shit, I’ve got five minutes to get out there.

Hurrying through the back of the house, my feet hit the patio and I’m blown away. Wow, the caterers have done one hell of a job transforming this place. Between the sea of white fabric draped to hide the fence and shed, the gold candelabras, flower arrangements, and chairs, it’s like stepping into a fairy tale.

I make my way over to the archway my dad built for my mom. Erin planted some kind of purple climbing flower all over it a few years ago and they’ve started to bloom.

I’m about to marry the love of my life, which makes me the happiest motherfucker in the world, but shit, I’m so nervous too. I hope I look okay. I hope I don’t mess up my vows when I say them. This tux feels too tight. My god, how hot is it already, a thousand degrees? I swallow hard and vaguely glance at the people who’ve come to celebrate with us. They’re nothing but faceless people to me, because I can’t wait to see Ara.

And I’m going to devour Mrs. Glitch the first chance I get.

Or am I Mr. Ara?


I’m hers, she’s mine, and this is about to be the greatest day of my fucking life.

Music starts just as I clasp my hands behind my back. Beetle comes out first, his smile a mile wide as he walks with the beat of the music pumping out of the speakers. Dressed in a tux and black Chucks, his hair’s combed back and the boutonniere pinned to his lapel is crooked. Man, I love this kid.

Next, my best friend Trey escorts my sister Erin down the makeshift walkway. My heart starts pounding in my ears. I’m antsy to see my girl.

The second her chosen song begins, I swear the entire world holds its breath. Me included.

My heart leaps into my throat as everyone stands. A flash of pink hair is all it takes for my body to react.

Heyyyy Kitty.

Ara walks out of the house, and heads straight towards me.

I’m robbed of breath. My heart stops. My mind glitches.

She’s… fuck…. She’s breathtaking. Lace and satin curls around her body, and a black satin ribbon is tied around her waist. My hands itch to touch her, hold her. I take a step forward but Trey’s hand on my shoulder stops me. God, I can’t look away from her. I don’t even want to try. It’s like all the stars in the galaxy collided and fell into this perfect woman made just for me.

Ara’s bright pink and purple hair frame her face in glorious waves that cascade around her. She holds her bouquet close to her chest and her eyeliner is winged.

At least I think it is. I can’t tell anymore since my vision’s getting really damn blurry.

I fight to swallow past the lump growing in my throat. My knees feel weak and I swear I’m levitating because I can’t feel the ground beneath my feet. By the time she’s to me, I can’t tell if the world’s stopped moving or if I’m frozen in time. But then she grabs my hand, and everything comes whirring back—the sunshine on my back, my heartbeat in my ears, the feeling in my legs, the swelling in my chest. I’m so enthralled by her that I don’t even notice the ceremony has started.

“Dearly beloved, blah, blah, blah…”

“You look incredible,” I say, talking over the officiant.

Ara giggles as she squeezes my hand. “Shh!” Her cheeks turn bright pink and I love it. I love her. Never in my life did I expect to find a woman who matched my energy in every way, and now that I’ve found her, I’ll do everything in my power to treat her right and keep her happy.

“I love you,” I confess, still ignoring whatever the officiant’s saying.

I vaguely hear laughter and murmurs in the yard. I honestly forgot we had guests.

“Sean, do you blah, blah, blah…”

Ara stares up at me, her brows lifting to her hairline, and her mouth opens a little. I’m immediately thrown back to the first time we met in person: Me, standing in my shop. Her, gawking like a goldfish at me while she holds her broken computer.

I fell in love with her before I ever saw her. That day we met, my world was forever changed and now I can’t wait to see what our future will be like together.

She’s suddenly making a face at me I can’t read.

Her mouth’s moving. I stare at her lips and want to kiss them so badly I start to glitch again. Leaning in, I’m running on instinct as I hold her cheek and press my mouth to hers. Laughter fills my ears, but I don’t know what’s so fucking funny.

Oh yeah.

We have an audience.

And I don’t like being the center of attention with my girl. Especially when all I keep thinking about are the things I want to do to her delectable body.

Pulling back, I gather what little control I have left and bite my bottom lip, savoring the flavor of my girl’s lip gloss. It’s watermelon flavored, I think. Or maybe it’s mango? Shit, I don’t know, but it tastes sweet like Skittles, which has me craving the sugar I’ll find between her thighs soon.

Ara’s eyes are heavy-lidded, and her cheeks are rosier now. I’m sure she’s thinking the same thing as me—let’s get this over with so we can devour each other.

“I do.” I declare out of nowhere. “Ara?”

“Yeah.” She giggles again, but I swear I don’t know what’s so damn funny. “I do, too.”

Fuck all the vows and commentary. Fuck tradition and expectations. I want to scoop my girl up and make love to her. Crow from the rooftop that she’s my wife.

Trey clears his throat and taps my shoulder. It’s all I can do to look away from Ara for even a second. “What?”

“Rings, man.”

Oh right. Rings. Shit. I’m botching our special day because I can’t seem to keep myself respectfully under control. Thankfully, Ara’s loving how undone she’s got me. Her smile stays plastered on her face when she plucks the rings from Trey’s hand because I still haven’t moved.

Guilt heats my gut. “I’m messing this all up, aren’t I?”

“Not at all,” she practically purrs. “I like it when you glitch.”

Yeah, well, I like it when she glitches too. Under my tongue, from my hand, on my dick, and don’t get me going on the big box of multiplayer mode toys I’ve ordered for extra fun with her later.

She grabs my hand and slips a ring on my finger. I slide a matching band onto her finger next, not caring that I’m trembling.

“You may now kiss the bride.”

Again? It’s my lucky fucking day. I smash my mouth to hers so fast, she backs up with the force of my body pressing against hers. I cradle the back of her head and deepen our kiss enough to let her know how madly in love with her I am, while keeping it publicly acceptable. In the fringe of my mind, I know we’re being watched by a handful of our closest friends and family, but damn if I’m not going to give this kiss everything I have and then some.

The yard erupts in applause. I ease back, a smile spreading across my face as I stare into Ara’s gorgeous eyes and realize we’re officially married. “You’re mine forever now.”

“Have been since the day we met.”

True. We link our hands together and turn to face the rest of the guests. At the cacophony of hoots and hollers, we head inside the house, where I back her up against a wall and kiss her like crazy again.

“Pictures!” Our photographer and friend, Carson, announces. “I need the bridal party over by the archway.”

“Aw, come on, man.” I wrap my arms around Ara. “Put your camera down for a minute and enjoy yourself.”

“It’ll only take a minute.”

“It better.” I nip Ara’s fat bottom lip and my dick grows harder. “I’ve got plans for us and don’t want to wait anymore.”

Ara smacks my arm. “Pictures are important!”

“So is making you purr, Kitty.” The groan she makes is the final straw. The pictures can wait. I can’t. Tugging Ara away, I announce, “We’ll be right back.”



Oh my god. We’re married!

That was the best ceremony in the world. The way he glitched? The way he looked at me like I was the prettiest demon in the whole wide world? How he completely overrode the entire ceremony and kissed me when he was supposed to be repeating things and saying his vows?


Glitch tugs me along and we end up outside, cutting across the front yard. “Come on, Kitty.”

“Where are we going?”

“Over there.” He points at a Cadillac Escalade stretch limousine parked up ahead.

No way. “You got us a limo?”

“Fuck yeah, I did.” He opens the door and helps me inside. “How else was I going to fuck you immediately? No way am I sharing the sounds of your orgasms with anyone else, and we’ll never make it back here in time if I take you home. We’d miss our own reception.”

I scooch in, my dress like a sea of satin and lace around me. “We’re going to fuck in this tank?”

“Is that a problem?”


Glitch slams the door shut and takes off his jacket while walking around the front of vehicle. My confusion sets in when he gets in the front, behind the wheel. “Where’s the driver?”

He drapes his arm on the back of the seat and turns to look over his shoulder at me. “What part of I don’t share even the sound of your orgasms leads you to think I’d let the driver of this thing be an exception?”

“So you managed to get them to give you the keys?”

Cocking his dark eyebrow, my heart flutters when he says, “One.”

One spank, already? Be still my bratty little heart. “What did I do?”

I know what I did, but I want to pretend I don’t. I’ve acted like Glitch getting the keys to this beast is too far out of the realm of his capabilities, as if going this far for me isn’t something he’d naturally do.

This man makes me feel like nothing is too much, no effort is too great, no desire is too wild to reach for. He makes me feel worth it, no matter what it is.

He pulls onto the road and starts driving us to God knows where. “Relax,” he says, and his voice deepens when he adds, “and enjoy.”

I lean back and glance around me. The interior of this thing is wild. Bright pink, blue, and purple LED lights run along the top and bottom. Soft, black leather seats wrap around most of the inside. Champagne flutes clink on the mini bar when he hits a rougher part of the road. The ceiling has all these bright, lit up designs in it. It’s almost like being in a video game. I love it.

There’s a silver box tied with a hot pink ribbon resting beside from me. I snatch the package and tear into it. “Oh. My. God.”

Glitch glances at me through the rear-view mirror. “We’ll have to call this collection the expansion package.”

Yeah, because “multiplayer mode” is too basic of a name for the goodies in here.

I unpack a particularly interesting toy from the box that looks like a long, flat spoon. While I’m reading the instructions on it, Glitch pulls into an abandoned parking lot. My heart leaps into my throat when he suddenly opens the door beside me and peers in. “Heyyyyy Kitty.”

As if it’s taken every ounce of control he possess to have gotten this far without ripping my dress off and worshiping me, he gives himself permission to finally unleash. Glitch climbs in, slams the door shut and immediately gets on his knees.

“Show me that pretty pussy,” he says, lifting my dress to my waist.

Holy Hell, will I ever get tired of hearing his filthy mouth?


I rest my feet on his shoulders and spread my thighs, giving him a great view. His pupils blow wide. “God damn, Kitty.”

My man dips down and licks my pussy like it’s the elixir of life.

I arch back, groaning. “You look seriously hot in that tux.”

He lifts his gaze to mine, and I know what he’s thinking. If I’m still verbal, he needs to try harder. And that’s just what he does when he takes the toy out of my other hand and stuffs one end inside me.

“Oh… shit.” My eyes roll back in my head. He starts sucking my clit and that spoon-shaped toy presses against my g-spot a little bit. It’s nice, but not nearly enough to do the trick.

Then he turns the damn thing on.

When he starts messing with the settings while it’s half-inside me, I stare down at it. “Why is it shaped like that?”

“You’ll see.” He puts in on the setting that makes me squirm the most. “That’s it, Kitty. Enjoy it.”

Glitch makes quick work of taking his belt off. Shoving his pants down just enough for his cock to spring out, he grips it by the base. Precum glistens on the tip. He’s hard and big and my mouth waters for a taste. “I want to suck your dick.”

“You will.” Glitch rubs his tip along my slick folds. “I want to flavor it for you first.”

The toy is still inside me and I’m not sure what he’s planning here, so I wait with bated breath. All I know is, if I don’t come soon, I’m going to combust. He instructed me to not get myself off until after the wedding. I never knew such torture existed until I actually tried to obey him.

He rubs the head of his cock against me again, groaning like it’s the best thing in the world to feel on his dick. Then he folds the toy in half, bending it so the part that’s sticking out of me presses against my clit. It hits both pleasure points at once with room to spare. “Oh my god, what sorcery is this?”

“I’m going to fuck you with this thing inside you. It’s going to stretch you, make you so full.” Glitch dips two fingers inside my pussy and groans. “God damn, you’re already soaked, Kitty.”

Fuck, this toy feels amazing. I start squirming, eager to come. “Well, you wouldn’t let get myself off all day.”

“You listened?”

“No.” Of course not. Do I ever?

Glitch’s deep chuckle rumbles my bones. “Naughty girl.” He presses his dick into me. Fuck, he feels good. When he shoves a little deeper inside me, he asks, “How many times did you make yourself come this morning?”


He cocks his brow, and I know I’ve just earned another spank.

“Okay four.”

He bottoms out, causing me to gasp. Holy shit, I feel so full I can barely stand it.

“Too much?” Glitch checks my expression, reading my cues to see if I’m handling this okay.

“No.” It’s close though. Holy Hell. Talk about hitting all the right buttons.

I’m leaned back on the seat, ass hanging off the edge with my legs hooked around his shoulders. My vision flashes white with how deep he is in this position. The toy inside me puts pressure on my g-spot and with his big fat cock added to it, I’m stretched out and loving every second. The piece that’s bent over my clit is the icing on the wedding cake.

“Is this okay?” he whispers in my ear.

I’m so lost in sensations I can’t think straight.

“Use your words, Kitty.”

I nod, then shake my head, then nod again. “I need you to fuck me, Glitch.”

“That’s my good girl.” He thrusts his hips over and over and before long, I’m seeing stars. My body locks as my nails dig into his arms. The first orgasm tears through me so fast, I scream.

My inner walls still spasm even as Glitch growls and pulls out completely, taking the toy out too. “Too fast, Ara.” He shoves himself back into me.

He acts like he hates how fast I come for him, but I know he also loves it. To be the object of all my desires, the source of my climaxes, makes my man incredibly happy. I wrap my arms around his neck, dragging him down for a kiss that heats me from head to heels. I never last long when we use toys.

I barely hold it together when it’s just his dick.

Fucking this man is a workout for my mind, body, and soul.

“Come inside me,” I beg.

“Not yet.”

I know he’s holding back. The tendons in his neck have popped out. His jaw is locked.

“I want your cum inside me.” My man has a breeding kink. I love it. “Fill me up, Glitch.”

His deep rumble hits me in the chest as he kisses me again. His tongue dominates mine. I claw down his back, making him suck in a harsh breath through his nose. He pulls out of me again and smacks my thigh. “On your knees.”

I scramble to do as he says. My dress twists and gets caught on my foot. I kick off my shoes and we both end up both in the center of the limo on the damn floor. It’s a tight fit, but we make it work. He fists my hair, bringing my mouth to his dick. “Suck me.”

Licking my lips, lean forward and open wide, swallowing as much of his dick as I possibly can. He hits the back of my throat and I gag a little. Then he guides me, using his grip on my hair to set the pace. “Such a good fucking girl. You suck my dick so well, Ara.”

His praise makes me suck harder. My cheeks hollow. My eyes water. My jaw aches. It’s divine and I don’t want to stop. Looking up at him, I can’t believe he’s all mine.

“Fuuuuck.” He pulls out. “You can’t look at me like that with my dick in your mouth.”

“Why not?” I swipe some of the drool off my chin.

“Because I’ll blow my load down your throat.”

And he wants it in my pussy.

I crawl over and rest my hands on the seat. Looking over my shoulder I shove my ass out, presenting my finest holes to him. “Take your pick.”

He bites his bottom lip, assessing which one he wants to fill this time. “Mmm. Does my wife want to get fucked in the ass?”

Excitement dances through me at the thought. “Your wife wants to come again,” I say. “How you make that happen, is up to you.”

“My lucky fucking day.” He starts unzipping my gown. “Let’s not ruin this dress yet.”

That’ll be later, when we get back to the wedding, because I’ve asked for a paint fight in the front yard so I can wreck my dress.

Glitch tugs the gown down my hips, and I managed to shimmy out of it. I’m not wearing a bra—no need with the dress I chose—and my panties are… oh who the hell knows at this point.

My husband’s the one still dressed to the nines. I like that I’m naked and he’s not. I also like how he keeps staring at me like I’m a work of art. Wiggling my ass, I wait for him to spread my cheeks and fuck me good and hard.

SMACK! My right butt cheek stings. My toes curl. SMACK! SMACK! I grip the seat, my nails cutting into the black leather.

“Naughty girl, coming when I told her not to this morning.”

“So bad,” I whisper, gleefully.

He spanks me a fourth time and I feel wetness drip down my legs.

“You gonna disobey me again?”

You better fucking believe it.

Glitch doesn’t wait for me to respond. Spreading my ass cheeks so he can align his cock against my cunt, he shoves into me, balls-deep, and we both groan.

“You are so goddamn beautiful, Ara.” He fucks me slowly. Deeply. “That’s a good girl, taking this cock so well.”

I can’t respond. Every thrust robs me of brain cells and my body coils again, readying for another release. Reaching between my legs, I rub my clit while he pounds me from behind.

“If you want to come again…” He takes my hand away and brings it to his mouth, sucking my fingers clean. “You’ll do it when I say you can.”

No, I won’t. But I’ll try.

Glitch has my body memorized and reads my cues like a manual. He plays with my pussy as if I’m a controller and he always hits the exact combination of buttons to set me off. I’m a mess within minutes. Sweats trickles down my back, my hair sticks to my face, and I’m clawing the leather cushions, begging for him to let me come again. “Please, Glitch. I need it.”

Slam, slam, slam. The sound of our bodies smacking together is delicious.

He rotates his hips, making his dick grind deep inside me. “I’ve got you.” He reaches around and rubs my clit while he rails me. “Make it messy, Ara. I want you drenched.”

I gush less than a minute later, squirting with an orgasm that rocks my fucking world.

“That’s my good girl.” He pulls out and turns me over. I’ve barely caught my breath before he shoves back into me and the squelching noises, accompanied by his growls and grunts, is music to my ears. Glitch grips my chin, snagging my gaze. “I want to see your face while I come inside you, wife.”

My head’s spinning. I feel boneless. He slams into me, harder. Over and over and over. The entire limo’s rocking. The windows have steamed up.

“Fuck… Glitch!” I hold on for dear life as he turns feral and chases his release.

Before long, his body locks and a shudder runs through him. His cock throbs inside me as he comes. Chest heaving, he sucks in harsh breaths as sweat drips down his temples. “That’s a good girl.” He pulls out and stuffs two of his fingers inside me, making sure all his cum stays where we both want it to.

It’s like a sauna in this damn limo, and I feel lightheaded. Reaching over, I blindly slap the door, hoping I’ll hit the window button to let some fresh air in.

“Smells like sex and candy in here,” he says, smiling.

Since I’ve yet to find the button, Glitch leans over and takes care of it for me. The window hums while it lowers and summer air funnels in, cooling us down a little. I sit back and sigh. “We’re going to have to pay to have this thing cleaned. I’ve made a mess all over the floor and seats.”

Glitch winks at me. “Worth it.”

Did I mention how much I love this man?

“You really do look amazing in that tux.” Even though he’s now half out of it and disheveled.

“You look incredible in that dress.” He reaches across the limo and grabs it from the other side. “I think my soul yeeted out of my body when you walked down the aisle earlier.”

“Did you just say your soul yeeted?”

He laughs again. “Yeah. I’m shocked myself. I think you’re rubbing off on me.”

I crawl on top of his lap and grab his cock. “Rubbing off on you, huh?”

“Fuck, Ara.” He tips his head back and grunts. “You’re insatiable.”

“Awww.” I lean down and nip his earlobe. “Can’t you keep up?”

He growls at me. Our eyes lock and I think he’s going to take my bait. But then he throws me a curve ball. “Of course, I can keep up. I was just trying to hurry because there’s crab rangoons at the reception.”

I freeze—my hand still wrapped around the base of his dick, my pussy still throbbing from all we’ve just done. “Did you say crab rangoons?”

“Yyyyup.” He grabs my hips and I’m not sure if he’s going to impale me on his dick again or push me off. “Guess they’ll have to wait, huh?” He lowers me down and slides back into me. My eyes cross for a second because he’s a lot to take in one thrust, no matter how worked up I am.

“Are you trying to make me chose between crab rangoons and your cock?”

Glitch bites his bottom lip and rocks me back and forth on him. Holy hell, he’s deep. So deep. So good and deep. Sooooo my god, what is happening right now? He’s pressed something into my ass!

“Relax,” he says, smiling when my eyes widen with surprise. “And enjoy it, Kitty.”

We fuck again two more times until I’m certain I can’t stand another round. I’ll pass out and miss my own wedding if he does more to me.

“Awww,” he teases. “Can’t you keep up?”

Nope. I’ve met my match with this man. “Shut up.” Laughing, I playfully kick his thigh. He grabs my ankle and kisses it.

“Let’s get out of here, Kitty.”

I tug my dress on and step outside for a minute to fix myself.

Glitch zippers me up and presses a kiss on the back of my shoulder. “You okay?”

“I think so. I’m just sleepy and a little sore.”

“Can you still dance?”

“Let’s see.” I wrap my hands around his neck, and we start slow dancing in the middle of the abandoned parking lot to no music at all. “I think so. Fuck me harder next time, okay? Don’t hold back. If I haven’t passed out, you’re not doing your job, right?”

He tips his head back and laughs so loud it scares birds out of the trees.

God, I love this man.

“I’ll try harder next time, promise.” The humor in his gaze fades. “I’m sorry I messed up earlier.”

“What are you talking about?”

“When…” His brow furrows. “When the officiant was talking, I completely glitched. Actually, the instant I saw you my brain started misfiring. We didn’t even say our vows.”

“That’s okay. I love it when you glitch.” There’s nothing better than having someone love you so much they short-circuit.

“Can I say them now?”

My heart lurches into my throat. “You really want to?”

“Yeah. I do.”

Our vows were something we both struggled with. They felt too personal to share with others and I know tradition dictates you declare things in front of everyone, but neither one of us were crazy about it. We settled for a small, intimate wedding where we’d be less self-conscious about what we were going to say to each other. Seems a little dramatic, I know, but he and I… well, we love deeply, and that kind of love is private.

Glitch has one hand wrapped around the small of my back as we dance to songbirds and cars driving by in the distance. He leans in and whispers all of his promises to me.

I close my eyes and let his incredibly deep voice sink into my soul. His words seem to carve into my bones. I bask in the heat of his breath on my neck and the strength of his hand when he squeezes mine. When he’s finished, I see his green eyes are glassy with unshed tears and a lump forms in my throat. He’s so perfect. So amazing. So kind and thoughtful and mine…

I rise on my tip toes and whisper my vows in his ear next. His aftershave and shampoo smells like home. His hands tighten on me while I make promises I’ll always keep. When I’m finished, I kiss his neck, right over his pulse point and a long exhale escapes him.

“I love you, Ara.”

“I love you too, Sean.”

I’m certain my life could not be more perfect.

I don’t want this moment to end.

But then my stomach rumbles and he says, “We better get back.”

“Yeah. I want those crab rangoons.”

I was in charge of the flowers, he got to pick the menu. Neither one of us disappointed the other with our choices.

“I doubt there will be any left,” he warns, escorting me back to the limo. “Good thing I came prepared.” He unlocks the trunk and pulls a cooler out.

The squeal I make has him rolling with laughter.

“I can’t believe you did this!”

“I’ll always take care of you, Ara.”

I stuff an entire crab rangoon in my mouth and groan. “So good.”

“Are we talking with our mouth full now?”

I chew and swallow fast. “Will that earn me a spanking?”

His gaze drags up and down my body. “Fuck around and find out.”

I stuff another in my mouth. “This is so yummy…” I chew and mumble with my mouth full. “We should probably…”

He rushes towards me. I squeal again, and take off, running around the parking lot, hugging the box of appetizers to my chest.

“Stop!” he half-laughs, half-yells. “You don’t have shoes on, and I don’t want you to cut yourself or something or stub your toe.” He scoops me into his arms and carries me back to the limo.

I shove another crab rangoon in my mouth and one in his too.

For crying out loud, he even chews sexy. How is that possible?

When I crawl back into the limo, I pause and lift my dress up, giving him a fantastic view of my ass again. “Gonna spank me now?”

“Not yet.” He rubs his hands across my ass cheeks before kissing both. “Let’s see how many you wrack up at the wedding.”

Oh, I intend to break my current high score.

Already planning my strategy, I sit pretty while Glitch drives us back to Erin’s. When he opens the door and helps me out, we kiss one more time. “After you, beautiful wife.”

I lead the way, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Life with this man is going to be amazing.

The End

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