Beach Vacation

A little preface: So remember, in Restless Spirit, when Sara was going through her box of things and found that picture of all of them at the beach? This is the story of that day. I hope you enjoy it. Forgive any typo/grammar errors – this was written with a tremendous amount of Hell Hound love.

Copyright Nov 2018 Briana Michaels

“Fuck yes!” Tanner ran, full throttle, into the clear blue ocean. He disappeared under the waves and came up a few seconds later shaking his faux hawk out of his eyes. “Wooo hooo!”

“You better hope a barracuda doesn’t go after those nipple rings on you!” Eli shouted from the steps. He was carrying down a cooler big enough to stash a body in, but it was filled with mostly beer and snacks. He placed it down in the sand under the cabana where Sara was already setting up her reading/resting spot.

“Are there barracuda in there?” she asked.

“Hell if I know, but Tanner’s all shiny and bright. Something’s gonna want to take a bite out of his ass.” Eli yanked off his shirt and tossed it onto another lounge chair. “You coming in with us?”

“Maybe after I read a few chapters.”

“Mmph, I bloody well know what that means,” Jack said as he and Kalen approached with a stack of towels and a stereo. “You’re going to read the entire book in one sitting.”

Sara’s mouth dropped, “No I won’t.” Then she figured that was most likely an unintentional lie, “Well… maybe.”

Could he blame her for wanting to devour a book in one day? She never got to just sit back and read at home. There were always a million things to be done between hunting malanum, visiting Hell, keeping up with shit around the farmhouse, there just wasn’t a lot of time for relaxing with a good book. They were staying in a house on a private beach in the Caribbean with nothing but each other to do for a solid week. Surely she could squeeze in a novel or two, right?

Kalen somehow moved so silently, Sara didn’t notice him until he was grabbing her by the waist and throwing her over his shoulder.

“Put me down, Wolf!”

His answer was to slap her ass. It didn’t piss her off. It turned her on, which was his intention. Damn him!

Jack grabbed the book out of her hand with a grin and tossed it over his shoulder. She had no clue where it landed but ohhhh he was gonna pay for that! Kalen ran into the water, carrying Sara. The entire pack jumped in howling and splashing and laughing.

“Wolf!” she yelled just as he tossed her into the air and she landed in the water in a half-cannonball, half ass flop. The water was as warm as a bath. With clear blue skies were above her, and crystal blue water below her, and her pack surrounding her, Sara couldn’t help but melt into bliss. Fuck it, she wasn’t going to read. She was going to enjoy every minute of being with her pack in a carefree, and rare, moment like this.

Tanner disappeared under the water again and a few minutes later, she felt two big hands slide up her thighs and grope her ass. Something hot pressed against the joining of her thighs – his mouth – and then his head popped up out of the water.

“If only I was a fish,” his smile was a mile wide, “I could have stayed down there and kissed you longer.”

She laughed and splashed him, playfully. “You’re insatiable, Sunshine Boy.”

“You’re fucking addicting, Beautiful.” He wrapped his arms around her and held her up out of the water. “I fucking love you like this. All wet and dripping and hot and fucking gorgeous. This bathing suit has to go though.”

“Agreed,” Jack said from behind her.

“What’s wrong with my swimsuit?”

Voodoo Man tugged on her straps, “It covers too much.”

“It’s practical,” she argued. “And it’s sexy.”

“Who the fuck wants practicality when you’re on a private beach? And naked is sexier.” Tanner winked.

Eli swam over and stood on her right. Jack was behind her. Kalen to her left. Tanner right in front. They were all waist-deep, except for Sara who was in up to her shoulders. “Get wild, woman.”

How could she resist Eli when he looked at her with hungry look in his eyes?

Jack made quick work of untying the top to her red bikini while Tanner pressed against her and groaned. She had one Hound in front, the other behind, and could feel their arousals begging for attention. “Get me the hell out of this ocean.” She didn’t want to fuck in there. She wanted the cabana.

Jack snatched her before Tanner could and she wrapped her arms around his neck, her legs around his waist, and let him carry her out of there. She felt like an octopus, wrapped around him this way. The sun was high in the sky. No one was around for miles. This was dangerously exciting.

“How many?” Voodoo Man growled in her ear.

“Howls or Hounds?”


“Four,” she purred, “One from each of you.”

Jack tossed the top to her bikini onto a small table before placing Sara down on the cushioned lounge chair. “Right here, love?”

She nodded and bit her bottom lip. Here was as good a place as any.

He loomed over her as she lay back on the lounger. Jack’s tanned skin looked dark gold and his hair dripped beads of water down onto her chest. With a piercing glare he growled, “Bloody hell, love, you look fucking delicious this way – all wet and rosy and warm.”

Jack had a way about him that made the whole world drop away when he and Sara were together. Yes, her entire pack was there, but all she could see was her Voodoo Man right now.

He dipped his head down and pressed his mouth to hers – a beautiful distraction while he slipped her bottoms down and off. Next, he plunged a finger inside her and moaned with approval at how slick she already was. Sara dragged her nails down his back, eliciting another sexy growl from him. He made love to her under the shade of the cabana like they had all the time in the world for this.

Next, Kalen moved in and took things over. It was a seamless transition from one Hound to the next. They were practiced in the arts of Sara’s body and pleasure. Where Jack made the world fall away, Kalen made her body light up. Every touch seared her.

As her Wolf, Kalen knew Sara’s body like the back of his own hand. At times, she could swear he was able to read her mind. Fast, slow, hard, soft, rough, gentle. He moved exactly how she wanted, when she wanted, and Sara never had to say a word. He preferred to fuck while standing, so she was at his mercy, her body entirely supported by Kalen’s strength as he thrusted deep inside her. Her howl came fast for him. Too fast for his liking, but that was his fault, not hers. He knew what he was doing with her…

Eli was next. He pressed against her backside while Kalen still held onto her. As the Wolf slid out of Sara’s wet heat and put her down on her feet, Eli nipped her shoulder blade and kneaded her breasts with two hands. This third Hell Hound moved with purpose. Intent.

Slowly, and on wobbly legs, Sara turned to face him. Eli’s chocolate brown eyes were dark with desire. He scooped her up and carried her out of the cabana. She didn’t ask where they were going. Didn’t care. Anywhere with Eli was wonderful.

He placed her down on a large blanket spread out across the sand. Spreading her legs wide, he crawled between them and smiled. Ohhh this Hound was in his element for sure here. Eli moved exactly like the ocean that left the sand sighing and wanting more. He was a powerful force with an easy retreat. Eli slid inside her gracefully, his hips already doing his signature undulating wave, and it was timed perfectly with the ocean a mere five feet away from them.

Sara sank her fingers into his dark curly hair and braced herself. She loved how this Hound moved inside her. The pleasure built, built, built until they both let go and came together. Afterwards, he kissed her like she was the air he breathed. “I love you so much.”

“I love you, too,” she whispered.

They laid there holding each other for a moment, listening to the waves. The sun was hot on her skin. Well, it might have been the sun. Could have been Sara’s own heat, though. Having a pack like this would turn any woman into molten lava…

She cupped Eli’s face and gave him one more kiss before leaving him. Then, Sara stood up and looked around the beach for her Sunshine Boy. She spotted Tanner about fifty yards down, in the ocean. His golden head was bobbing up and down as the waves moved.

With all the swagger she could muster, Sara made her way over to him. She liked the fact that he was almost playing hard to get. Loved that she was the one that had to go after him and not the other way around. Tanner was good at playing games Sara liked.

Tanner was good and doing a lot of things Sara liked…

They met each other where the water met land. He was soaked and naked. She was hot and bothered.

“Saved the best for last?”

“Always,” she laughed.

With a wicked grin on his face, Tanner stepped closer to her. God, that smile of his… it was so big, he lit up the universe with it. “You look like a siren calling the sailors to come drown in bliss.”

“You’re the one in the water, big boy. Shouldn’t you be the siren?” Sara took a moment to truly appreciate Tanner’s physique. He was built, long and lean. There was an ounce of fat on his body, and – oh lord have mercy – he was seriously hung. A new wave of wet heat pooled between Sara’s thighs and she groaned.

Tanner grabbed his dick and started to stroke in front of her. “You want this, Beautiful?” Fuck yeah, she did. She could never turn down Tanner. It wasn’t in her to ever turn him away. “You aren’t too sore for me?”

“Nnnope,” she shook her head and kept her gaze locked on his dick. Tanner’s tastes in the pleasure ran on the dangerous side. He was the most intense out of all her Hounds, so his question was a valid one. But no, she would never be too sore for him. Tanner had a way of making all her feelings – both physical and mental – burn away until there was only one left: Passion.

“Do you want me, Tanner?” Sara traced her hands down her body to entice him.

“Fuck yes,” he came closer.

She took a step back. Then another, and another. “Better catch me then.” Sara spun around and took off down the beach. Laughing and squealing as she ran along the shoreline, Tanner caught up with her before she got too far.

The hunt and chase was a game only the two of them ever played. Tanner grabbed her by the waist, picked her up, and spun her in a circle. With a growl, he pinned her to the ground and smiled like a cat with a fresh bowl of cream. “You drive me fucking wild, you know that, Beautiful?”

She didn’t get a chance to answer. He crushed his mouth to hers the same time he slid inside her. Sara’s back arched and she cried out a scream of pleasure, which he swallowed down as he rode her into a frenzy and continued to kiss her. “Howl, Beautiful. Howl so fucking loud the earth moves and the Heavens fucking shake.” He pounded into her.

The sun was so bright, but Tanner was brighter. His gaze locked onto hers and his baby blues said all the things they rarely put into words for each other. An orgasm barreled down on her and she flew apart. This wasn’t a sweet and tame ride; it was a goddamn explosion for both of them. Sara howled until her throat hurt and then he made her howl again.

Afterwards, Tanner picked her up and carried her into the ocean. It was quiet and peaceful and she felt a world away from the rest of her pack. “I just wanted to keep you to myself for a little bit longer, Beautiful.”

She wasn’t about to argue with that. Tanner liked alone time. So did she.

After a while, they returned to the rest of the pack. They were all sitting under the cabana, dressed, relaxed, satisfied and drinking beer. Jack had stolen her book and was reading it.

“I want to take a picture of us,” Sara announced. “I don’t have enough pictures of us out of our natural habitat.”

Eli laughed. “I agree.” He rummaged through one of the beach bags and pulled out a camera. “I bought this hoping we’d use it, but I kept forgetting about it.” Next, he pulled out a collapsible tripod.

Eli and Kalen set it up while Sara got redressed in her red bikini. They all lined up with their backs facing the ocean and took a couple posed photos with Eli holding a remote to snap the pictures.

“Let’s do a silly one,” someone said.

Eli picked Sara up and put her on his shoulders. Jack fixed his black trunks and aviator glasses, then stuck out his tongue. Tanner gave Kalen bunny ears. Click! The camera snapped away. Click! Click! Click!

“Alight, alright, enough with the photo op,” Jack said. “Let’s go get ready for dinner. I’m starved.”

Eli put the remote into his pocket. “I made us reservations for 7:30 at a little seafood restaurant I read about.” He started clicking through the camera to see what the pictures looked like. Sara leaned over to check them out, too.

“Oh I love this one,” she said. “I’m totally keeping that one. Can you print it for me when we get home?”

“Absolutely, baby,” Eli kissed the top of her head.

“Come on!” Jack barked as he carried the cooler back up the steps to their beach house, “It’s already 6:45.”

“Shit!” Eli rushed to collect his things.

“So much for being on island time,” Sara laughed. They all rushed back to the house to take showers and get changed for a romantic dinner.

“This has been the best day ever,” Sara said while she shimmied into a sundress.

“This is the best life ever,” Tanner winked.

Yup. No one was arguing with that. ❤❤❤