My Own Awaken-ing

I’d never dreamed of becoming a writer. It was never some secret desire of mine that I’d only pounced on after gathering some courage to shoot for the stars. Nope. I just got it in my head one night that I wanted to write a book and so I did.

Not really exciting, huh? But it’s the truth. The excitement came just afterwards, though. It was during that blinding moment when my head exploded and characters came to life and I realized that I’d discovered this extra piece of me that had been stowed away in darkness for forever. Something magical had awakened in me. (Like what I did there?) Writing, it turned out, was a new calling for me. Who’da thunk it?

Apparently everyone but me had thunk it. Hell, when I’d told my BFF I’d written a book you know what she said? “Well of course you did.”

Most days, I don’t plan a damn thing. I just go with the flow and say “oh shit” and “oops” and “wow that was awesome!” along the way and never get too upset over whether things turned out the way I thought they would or not. It is what it is, and I’m cool with it.

Writing this series has been no exception. I had no plan. I just wrote the damn book. Then I wrote another with the intent of writing a bunch more. All the while I just tried to keep calm and not let my brain fritz out.

In the beginning, I had a core group of friends I’d write to on a chat group and they’d try to keep me on track as best they could. This was no small feat, I assure you. On July 13, 2015 a friend posted on the discussion wall what would become the most important question ever asked: How many books do you plan on writing?

My answer: As many as I can.

I didn’t want this journey to end. Not then. Not now. Not ever. But how the hell could I possibly make an endless series without it going stale? What the hell was the point of my series? Falling in love? Well, yes. Making a difference? Sure, sure. Did I want war? Retribution? Peace? Yes, yes, and yes. But what else did I want? The answer was simple… I wanted it all.

I like variety. I like never knowing what’s coming next. I also like getting attached as well as meeting new folks.

What a clusterfuck, huh?

So I stared at my long list of characters and knew who could help me: It was the Original called The Dreamer.

He’s a helluva guy, folks, and I can’t wait for you to meet him.

The Dreamer came to me only weeks before I’d finished writing SHINE (book 2 in the series) and I wrote his name and characteristics down with all the others who had introduced themselves. I knew he’d be the key to unlocking the rest of what was in my head. I, of course, blabbed on and on about this particular Sidhe to my friends and I’m pretty sure they rolled their eyes and let me prattle on because I gave them no choice but to listen to my imagination run wild. FYI: They are seriously awesome people for putting up with me, have I said that already?

And now the time has come. After waiting another two and a half years to write his incredible story, The Dreamer has finally been brought to life. And let me just say, I was super proud of many characters in this book. I tossed some big hurdles their way, and the price – like in all my novels – was a hefty one.

Now I’m sitting here, looking at the finished product and it feels like everything I’ve been waiting for is finally happening and now… Well, you’ll see.

Happy reading, Sin Fans!