“Breadcrumbs in my Woods”

Passion has finally been unleashed and is out there in the universe. I figured now would be a good time to say a little somethin-somethin’ about this book and the series.

Where these stories are headed is going to be some mind-bending, phenomenal territory. Hard-core warrior action will be had by all, I have no doubt. Not everyone will survive what I’ve got up my writer sleeves, so I want to arm them all with the best chance they can get.

Everyone’s got a place. A destiny. A beginning or an end. It’s in the tough times that we either crush to dust and blow away, or morph into beautiful, sharp-edged diamonds. It’s raw, no matter what, and that’s how I see our man of the hour, Ruark.

That man is raw with a capital R.A.W.

PASSION was in the making from day one of this series and I always knew it would be the third book. Ruark is complicated, stubborn, and always afraid of what he might do to those around him.

Can you blame him?

But this story was mission critical in order to move forward with the series – and it needed to be crafted carefully.

To make it more challenging, Mr. Tall, Dark, and Deadly really hated having his story written at first. He wouldn’t talk to me. He put wards on his door and wouldn’t let me in. He detested that I was insistent on writing about his life. Don’t get me wrong, I understood his reservations about this whole thing – his past isn’t pretty and recovery was going to be a bitch for him. But it had to be done. I knew it… and so did Ruark.

I didn’t push, though; or at least I didn’t push him the way I do some of the others. I had to be careful with this guy, so I did what I was told to do: I listened and kept my eyes open and mouth clamped shut. I waited patiently, like a good little writer, and made sure to give the man a lot of space and all the time he needed. Ruark appreciated it, although it took him a while to say so.

Since the big guy didn’t like company, venturing out of his room, or basically anything social, the story setting is mainly in Adam’s house and focuses on those living there. Don’t underestimate what can happen inside four walls, though. If you haven’t learned that lesson already in my other books, consider yourself warned now. I am nothing if not a trouble maker.

Thankfully, I was locked in and braced for this ride.

I push some of these characters whenever I can. Push them to the brink of madness just to see what they’re capable of. It’s my job. It’s my reason for holding the pen and paper. And when I get someone to their absolute breaking point, I throw chaos around like f*cking confetti and watch what they do in response.

As I sat there, in my tiny writing corner of Adam’s big house, with everyone too busy to guide me, all I could do was watch it all unfold.

Oh, what a beautiful thing it was, too.

I cried, I screamed, I laughed… I stopped breathing entirely.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, someone grabbed me by the shoulder and told me to take a seat and not move. I still don’t know for sure who it was… but I have my suspicions and I’ll not be saying the name out loud just yet. Some sh*t should be forbidden.

So I sat my a$$ back down and I continued to watch Ruark. I controlled my urges to run up to him. I swallowed down my screams of frustration with some of the others. It was the hardest damn thing I’ve done in a while. But I remained silent and did exactly what I was meant to do: Write it all down.

If you haven’t read the previous books (Shatter and Shine) may I suggest you go download and enjoy. Ask your library if they have it or can get it – you certainly don’t have to spend money on my works if someone else has it to lend.

But keep this in mind while you read: Everything has a point… a purpose… a place. Take nothing for granted – not in real life and definitely not in my books. It’s all meant to happen, just as it happens… the pain, the joy, the glory, the loss. All of it.

My world is deep, its history burned and dusted long ago; and as every character chooses to rise or fall, the realms will do likewise. No pressure, right?

So get a cup of tea, snuggle up, and find a cozy spot for a few hours. It’s time to get lost in my world, folks. Don’t worry, I’ve left you the breadcrumbs… since the beginning of Shatter and well after Passion is over; there are clues, answers, hints and nudges. Are you ready for what I’ve got hidden in here? Are you prepared for what’s going to happen next?

In the words of the Death Bringer, Gremtock, “Enjoy the hunt.”