Crank It Up!

Crank It Up

I confess I am a total tune junky. I play music all day and night. It is literally the first thing I do in the morning. Well, after I get my coffee and say “Good Morning” to anyone that’s awake.
So it’s Saturday and I go to make breakfast while some Florida Georgia Line is setting my day up and the fridge… is empty.

What the h*ll? Was I raided in the middle of the night by starving trolls? This can’t be possible ‘cause my fridge, pantry and freezer are always full. But not today apparently. And wouldn’t you know it? I’m already getting hangry.

So I head to the grocery store and, of course, I got my tunes playing on my phone while I shop.
I don’t do the headphone thing. My groovy music is awesome and should be shared with the masses.

And that’s just what I did.

So here I am, in the produce section, jamming out to The Guess Who, and singing No Sugar Tonight like it was the damn truth. ‘Cause the New Mother Nature’s takin’ over around here – did I mention it’s the end of March and was snowing for no good reason? Guess the new splendid lady’s come to call.

The produce dude is stacking up bananas and starts singing along with me and doin’ a little head-banging, two women begin to bop along over by the celery wall, and all are laughing.

Did I mention how loud I sing?

Dancing into the cereal aisle, Godsmack is up next with Rocky Mountain Way and you know that’s some serious good stuff to buy oatmeal to.

That tune got me all the way up to the coffee/tea/soda aisle and the Pepsi guy loading shelves starts his air guitar.

We laugh.

I keep going.

To give my iPhone a little whiplash, I switch from Godsmack to Mark Ronson. Now it’s Uptown Funk for the finale as I meander over to the dairy section for dark chocolate almond milk and yes, all were dancing (even if it was just a little).

The song plays loud and proud in my hot lil’ hands all the way to the cashier, and the sweet little retired and just-doing-the-part-time-gig-for-a-little-extra-cash lady busted some moves along with her manager, the bag packer, the cashier next to her and one random dude in the aisle next to us.

It was the best grocery store trip I ever had.

So the moral of my story is: Crank that sh*t up people. Folks need to dance, sing, and bust loose – even if it’s in the bread section.