The Reflection Series

Burn For Her – Book 1

A monster, born and raised…

Trained by a ruthless killer, raised by his enemies, and now serving the House of Death as an executioner, violence is all Dorian knows.

Between missing vampires, blood curses, and the never-ending battle against the Savag-Ri—Dorian’s entire existence is saturated in bloodshed. He’d have it no other way.

Love isn’t part of Dorian’s life. Never was, never will be. He’s taken every action to ensure it. But when fate twists his careful plans, he ends up in a fight for his life. Literally.

For a vampire, seeing their mate’s reflection locks them on borrowed time until they locate, bond, and turn their fated mate. When Dorian accidentally catches a glimpse of Lena, his match is lit—burning his soul mercilessly until he either breaks his curse or incinerates trying.

She has no idea he’s a monster and Dorian refuses to drag her into his blood-filled life, yet he can’t stay away from her either.

He’ll be damned if he takes her by force.

He’ll be damned if he takes her at all.

With a blade in one hand and his destiny in the other, Dorian’s in a race against the clock. His time starts… now.

Burn for Her is book 1 in the Reflection Series and can be read as a standalone. Adult content includes graphic language, sexual content, and violence.

Release Date: February 2, 2022 Preorder Here