Sins of the Sidhe Series

Get ready to sin with the rebels – They fight hard, live wild, and love fierce.

Everyone has a soulmate. Finding them isn’t the hard part; it’s keeping them that could cost you everything. Angels have cracked halos, Demons hide their horns, Fae are only as sweet as the revenge they seek, and they’re all coming into the human world.

As the fabric of the universe begins to unravel, it’s hard to pick a side if both have good and evil, light and dark, war and peace.

Choose carefully…

Shatter (Book 1)
Shine (Book 2)
Passion (Book 3)
Bargains (Book 4)
Ignite (Book 5)
Awaken (Book 6)
Rise (Book 7)

Coming Soon:
Exile (Book 8)