• Exile Playlist

    Paired together – One That Got Away, Michael Ray
    Bar Clean Up – Smooth, Florida Georgia Line
    Going for a Run – Graveyard, Halsey
    Float like a boat – No Plan, Hozier
    Get Your Shit Together – Even If It Hurts, Sam Tinnesz
    Burn off the hate – Take it out on Me, Bohnes
    Return to Black Stone Mountain – Gladiator, Zayde Wolf
    Big House Meeting – The Resistance, Skillet
    Brothers – Monsters, Shinedown
    Close the Book – King, Zayde Wolf

  • Hard to Kill Playlist

    Heaven and Hell and everything in between – I’ll Be Good, Jaymes Young

    Hell Hound – Feeling Good, Nina Simone (Bassnectar Remix)

    The pack and the aftermath – Mad World, Imagine Dragons

    Twins fight – Lying From You, Linkin Park

    Give her what she wants – Burning Man, Andrew Watt, featuring Post Malone

    The Letter – Dream, Bishop Briggs

    Revenge – Chalk Outline, Three Days Grace

    White Light – It all adds up, Shinedown

    Finale – How Did You Love, Shinedown

  • Hard to Love Playlist

    Return Home – Gasoline, Halsey

    No good for each other – Not Strong Enough, Apocolyptica

    Pushing her buttons – Sociopath, STeLOUSE, (featuring Bryce Fox)

    In the Dojo – Natural, Imagine Dragons

    Bishop’s death story – Sounds of Madness, Shinedown

    The Lost Boys – Moment’s Silence, Hozier

    Gala – Tennessee Whiskey, Chris Stapleton

    Bury your dead – Angel, Theory of a Deadman

    He got home first – Shrike, Hozier

  • Hard to Find Playlist

    Blue Lizard – Man in the Box, Alice in Chains

    Twins in Trouble – One Step Closer, Linkin Park

    Bishop going – State of my Head, Shinedown

    Back from the hunt- 45, Shinedown

    Twins Dangling, Master of Puppets, Metallica

    Heat and Energy – The Sex is Good, Saving Abel

    Race against time – Head like a hole, Nine Inch Nails

    Take to the skies – Back of my Mind, Two Feet