Second Trilogy – Coming August 1!

Coming August 1:
Second Trilogy
Hard to Find (Book 4)
Hard to Love (Book 5)
Hard to Kill (Book 6)

Hard to Find – 2nd Trilogy, Book 4

They won’t stop hunting until the twins are found… even if all that remain are bones.

Twin Hell Hounds, Drake and Sebastian, are missing and Valor and Bishop search everywhere to find them. The more time that passes, the less hope they have and now they’re getting desperate. In a last attempt to save his pack, Valor breaks every rule he has – including spilling secrets to a human woman in exchange for her help. This woman might be the answer to their prayers… or a fresh new Hell to wreak havoc in their lives.

Dangerous, cunning, and filled with fire…

Matilda “Tilly” Jane already has her hands full when two gorgeous, mysterious, charismatic men come into her life. Falling in love isn’t her style, but using people for her personal benefit is. With her future looking bleak, she’s prepared to do anything to stop the inevitable and doesn’t care about the consequences. But Tilly can’t run from her fate any more than she can run from the man who has been stalking her. Now, she has to decide: Tuck tail and run, or face her biggest challenge with a smile and the middle finger salute. At this point, what does she really have to lose?

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Hard to Love – 2nd Trilogy, Book 5

She’s come too far to fall now…

Tilly bit off more than she could chew when she agreed to help Valor and Bishop, and now she’s choking on her decision. The consequences of her actions are stacking up and her time is running out, fast. She should have known better than to get involved. And now it’s too late.

No do overs. No second chances.

Tilly is forced to face a truth that’s hard to swallow – there’s no returning to her life before the Hell Hounds. Not that she really wanted to anyway. Unfortunately, her place in the pack was temporary.

Just like her.

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Hard to Kill – 2nd Trilogy, Book 6

They never saw this coming…

There is always a reason behind every catastrophe and miracle, every curse and blessing. Divinity wears many faces and none of them are pure. With Hell’s instability and Lucifer’s waning energy, the Hell Hounds are needed now more than ever. Valor’s pack must bond or they’ll never survive their future. Or their present.

As the Hell Hounds pick up their broken pieces, they are given a gift – one that’s both too painful to accept and too perfect to turn down. Now, they just have to make sure they don’t destroy it… or themselves.

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